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"Cast into a broken world, devoid of purpose. Little of her remain unshattered. Her past buried beneath sand and rubble. Shredded canvas must suffice as Lone Henriksson sets her sails.[1]"


The player character, better known as Lone Henriksson[2], is a young girl in a red raincoat with a white stripe on it. Her face is completely covered by a red hat. Throughout FAR: Lone Sails, you control Lone as she embarks on a quest to traverse the huge dried out ocean with her vehicle, the Okomotive.

Appearance[ | ]

Lone Henriksson is a girl of short stature who wears a large red raincoat with a wide white strip across that stretches down to her legs. Her arms are covered by her coat, and she wears black thigh-high boots. Her face is concealed by her red hat and coat collar, leaving her facial features obscured.

In sequel[ | ]

The game has a sequel called "FAR: Changing Tides". In it we play as another character, a boy. In the end the two protagonists meet. Henriksson takes off her hat for the first time and we see that she has brown hair that extend down to her neck and her face is blank with no apparent facial features. That finally confirms she is a human girl (previously some might have doubts about this).

Relations[ | ]

She is daughter or other close person of the inventor Mr. Henriksson, whose grave we see at the very beginning of the game.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Early concept sketches show that she was intended to have arms. However, as production progressed, her arms were removed in favor of simplified animations[3]. Furthermore, as the player character was very small on screen, the shape and colours had to be recognizable[3].
  • Her outfit was inspired by typical sailors' oilskins.
  • In one early sketch, Lone was actually shown to have short hair[4].
  • Possible relative named "Ida".[5].

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