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"Cast into a broken world, devoid of purpose. Little of her remain unshattered. Her past buried beneath sand and rubble. Shredded canvas must suffice as Lone Henriksson sets her sails.[1]"


The player character, better known as Lone Henriksson[2], is a young girl in a red rain coat with a white stripe on it. Her face is completely covered by a red hat. Throughout FAR: Lone Sails, you control Lone as she embarks on a quest to traverse the huge dried out ocean with her vehicle, the Okomotive.


Lone Henriksson is a girl of short stature who wears a large red rain coat with a wide white strip across that stretches down to her legs. Her arms are covered by her coat, and she wears black thigh-high boots. Her face is concealed by her red hat and coat collar, leaving her facial features obscured.


  • Early concept sketches show that she was intended to have arms. However, as production progressed, her arms were removed in favor of simplified animations[3]. Furthermore, as the player character was very small on screen, the shape and colours had to be recognizable[3].
  • Her outfit was inspired was typical sailors' oilskins.
  • In one early sketch, Lone was actually shown to have short hair[4].

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